Introduction to the Fathom Protocol

What is the Fathom Protocol?

The Fathom Protocol is a pioneering decentralized finance platform. Its primary aim is to bolster the liquidity by positioning FXD, an over-collateralized and soft-pegged stablecoin. The other parts of the Fathom ecosystem are built around FXD: Vaults, Lending, DEX and Oracles. Fathom is operated in the DAO framework..

Key Highlights of the Fathom Protocol

  1. Fathom's FXD: The Over-Collateralized, Soft-Pegged Stablecoin: FXD stands as a cornerstone of the Fathom Protocol, being soft-pegged to the US dollar. This approach provides a stable and reliable digital currency, aiming to minimize cryptocurrency's inherent volatility.

  2. Fathom's Vaults: Platform designed for astute investors seeking to enhance their digital asset portfolio. Vaults offer a secure and dynamic way to grow cryptocurrency investments through robust yield strategies.

  3. Fathom's Lending: Decentralized non-custodial liquidity market where users can participate as suppliers or borrowers. Suppliers provide liquidity to the market to earn a passive income, while borrowers can borrow in an over-collateralized (perpetually) or under-collateralized (one-block liquidity) fashion.

  4. Fathom's Decentralized Exchange (DEX): As the central trading hub within the Fathom ecosystem, the DEX enhances the liquidity of both XDC and FXD. It's a key platform for facilitating secure and efficient trading activities.

  5. Fathom's Oracles: Decentralized oracle network powered by Fathom's FXD with high availability, reliability, and data accuracy.

  6. Governance through Fathom DAO: The Fathom protocol is driven by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which integrates the FTHM token, governance, and staking. This framework empowers FTHM token holders with voting rights and a say in the protocol's governance and future direction.

Vision for DeFi Evolution: The Fathom Protocol is uniquely positioned to contribute significantly to the evolution of DeFi. Its focus on providing a stable digital currency and a fluid trading environment underscores its commitment to advancing decentralized finance.

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