Vault Management

Fathom Vaults are designed to be straightforward and accessible to anyone with a vision for creating effective investment strategies. Unlike traditional systems that may centralize management, Fathom democratizes the ability to deploy, manage, and derive earnings from personalized vault configurations.


Each vault version comes with its own Factory deployed for easy and secure vault deployment. To deploy a vault, interact with the factory using the deployVault method, which clones a pre-existing vault setup, ensuring consistency and reliability.


Post-deployment, you can customize your vault's settings:

  • Roles: Define roles for different operational aspects of your vault. You can assign roles like strategy addition, debt management, and profit reporting.

  • Deposit Limits: Initially set to zero, you'll need to configure this to start accepting deposits.

Strategy Management

Vaults manage debt among various strategies that generate yields.

  • Add Strategy: Integrate new strategies to allocate funds.

  • Update Strategy: Adjust strategy settings, including maximum debt limits.

  • Revoke Strategy: Safely remove strategies that no longer align with the vault’s objectives.

Running the Vault

Operate your vault with simplicity:

  • Debt Allocation: Manage how funds are distributed among strategies.

  • Reporting: Regularly update the vault on strategy performance, capturing gains or losses and handling fee applications.

  • Profit Distribution: Manage how and when profits are distributed to shareholders.


Enhance your vault’s functionality with additional features:

  • Accountant: Attach custom fee logic.

  • Deposit/Withdraw Modules: Customize rules for fund flows.

  • Queue Management: Optimize strategy execution order.

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