The BaseStrategy provides a foundation for creating ERC-4626 compliant vaults, which integrate seamlessly with a TokenizedStrategy implementation contract. This structure allows for ease in developing customizable strategies while maintaining a consistent interface and functionality through delegation.


  • onlySelf: Ensures that the function is called internally by the strategy itself, typically to confirm actions are a result of delegate calls from the strategy to the TokenizedStrategy.

  • onlyManagement: Verifies that the caller is authorized under the strategy’s management role, controlling strategy operational parameters.

  • onlyKeepers: Restricts function access to authorized keepers or management, facilitating routine maintenance and operational tasks.

  • onlyEmergencyAuthorized: Limits access to emergency functions to addresses with emergency authorization, enhancing security and control in crisis situations.

Immutable Variables

  • tokenizedStrategyAddress: Address of the TokenizedStrategy implementation used across all strategies for handling logic and storage.

  • TokenizedStrategy: A reference to the TokenizedStrategy instance, treating the strategy as if it’s a library for internal function calls.

  • asset: The ERC20 token that the strategy operates on, used for yield-generating activities.

Functions to Override

  • _deployFunds(uint256 _amount): Handles the deployment of specified amounts of the asset into yield-generating positions.

  • _freeFunds(uint256 _amount): Designed to release funds from investment positions, adjusting the strategy’s asset allocation.

  • _harvestAndReport(): Gathers yield and rebalances the strategy’s assets to reflect the actual holdings accurately.

Optional Functions to Override

  • _tend(uint256 _totalIdle): Manages the strategy’s assets between reporting periods, optimizing yield generation and position management.

  • _tendTrigger(): Indicates whether the _tend function should be invoked, based on specific strategy conditions or thresholds.

TokenizedStrategy Integration

  • deployFunds(uint256 _amount): Delegates fund deployment to the TokenizedStrategy, allowing it to handle the specifics of asset investment.

  • freeFunds(uint256 _amount): Delegates the release of funds to the TokenizedStrategy, ensuring that withdrawal requests are honored efficiently.

  • harvestAndReport(): Provides an accurate and updated accounting of the strategy’s total assets, delegating reporting to the TokenizedStrategy.

Strategy Management and Maintenance

  • tendThis(uint256 _totalIdle): Facilitates the active management of the strategy’s resources, optimizing asset allocation and performance.

  • shutdownWithdraw(uint256 _amount): Allows for the strategic withdrawal of funds in emergency scenarios, managed through the TokenizedStrategy to ensure consistency and reliability.

Security and Delegation Features

  • _delegateCall(bytes memory _calldata): Facilitates direct interactions with the TokenizedStrategy by forwarding calls and handling returned data or errors.

  • fallback(): Ensures all unspecified calls or data sent to the strategy are forwarded to the TokenizedStrategy, leveraging its logic and storage capabilities.

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