Repay and close FXD position

You can use the Manage Position functionality to Repay and Close Position. This may be done to manage the position risk.

  • Go to Fathom DApp.

  • Connect your Web3 wallet (such as MetaMask) and make sure your network is set to the intended chain (i.e., XDC).

  • Opened positions are shown in "Your Positions". Click "Manage Position" on the position you want to close.

  • Enter the amount of FXD you would like to repay.

  • The amount of collateral that you receive is calculated automatically. If you want to keep some collateral - enter the amount of it.

  • Click "Repay this Position"

    • You may be required to approve the FXD transfer before the actual transfer (depending on the previously approved value).

    • Sign and send the transaction in your Wallet.

    • Wait for the transaction to be processed.

    • Once the transaction has gone through, you'll see your adjusted FXD position in "Your Positions" on the same page below "Available Pools". If you take back all collateral, your position will disappear from the list.

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