Governance Process

Proposal Submission

Any FTHM holder can submit a proposal to the DAO. Proposals can include protocol upgrades, new feature implementations, or changes in governance rules. Proposals must be well-documented and include clear objectives and potential impacts on the ecosystem.

Voting Process

Once a proposal is submitted, it goes through a voting period where vFTHM holders cast their votes. Each vFTHM represents one vote. The proposal requires a certain quorum to be reached and, if approved by a majority, it is implemented.

Role of vFTHM in Governance

vFTHM tokens are crucial in the governance process. Only holders of vFTHM can vote on proposals, ensuring that those who have staked FTHM and have a vested interest in the protocol's success are making the decisions. This system aligns the incentives of active participants with the long-term health and stability of the Fathom DAO.

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