At the core of Fathom Vaults' architecture are the smart contracts that handle vault operations, strategy implementation, and interactions with the FXD stablecoin. Here is a simplified view of the system:

  1. User Interface (UI): Web3 compatible interfaces that allow users to interact with vaults, deposit and withdraw funds, and participate in governance.

  2. Smart Contracts:

    • Vault Contracts: Manage the deposits, withdrawals, and allocation of funds to various strategies.

    • Strategy Contracts: Execute specific investment protocols, manage performance, and handle rewards distribution.

    • Governance Contracts: Facilitate voting and administrative functions driven by community governance.

  3. Off-Chain Data Storage: Utilizes Graph Node and Subgraphs for indexing and querying blockchain data efficiently, enhancing the responsiveness and scalability of the platform.

  4. Off-Chain Services: The Reports Processor automates the report processing for vault strategies. Monitoring & Risk Management AI Agents and Monitoring Systems bring more reliability and capital efficiency to the vaults and strategies.

  5. API Gateway: Offers a seamless connection between the frontend and smart contracts, facilitating data flow and transaction execution across the platform.

  6. FXD Stablecoin: FXD is the backbone of the Fathom Vaults ecosystem, designed to mitigate price volatility and provide a reliable medium of exchange. Vaults allow FXD holders to invest in various on-chain and off-chain products leveraging their portfolio.

  7. AI Agents: They work for users and vault managers. On the user side, they allow users to structure the vaults' portfolio. For vault managers, they offer help structuring the strategies' allocations.

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