The L2Pool contract is a calldata-optimized extension of the Pool contract in the Fathom lending protocol. It allows users to interact with the protocol using a compact calldata representation, reducing transaction costs on rollups. Users can supply, withdraw, borrow, repay, and perform other standard lending operations with optimized calldata.

Storage Variables

  • POOL_REVISION: Version of the pool contract.

  • ADDRESSES_PROVIDER: Reference to the PoolAddressesProvider contract.



  • initialize: Initializes the pool with the PoolAddressesProvider.

Set Functions:

  • setReserveInterestRateStrategyAddress: Sets the interest rate strategy address for a reserve.

  • setConfiguration: Sets the configuration for a reserve.

  • updateBridgeProtocolFee: Updates the bridge protocol fee.

  • updateFlashloanPremiums: Updates the flash loan premiums.

  • configureEModeCategory: Configures an e-mode category.

  • setUserEMode: Sets the user's e-mode category.

  • resetIsolationModeTotalDebt: Resets the isolation mode total debt for a reserve.

  • rescueTokens: Rescues tokens sent to the contract.

Get Functions:

  • getReserveData: Returns the reserve data for an asset.

  • getUserAccountData: Returns the user's account data.

  • getConfiguration: Returns the configuration of a reserve.

  • getUserConfiguration: Returns the user's configuration.

  • getReserveNormalizedIncome: Returns the normalized income for a reserve.

  • getReserveNormalizedVariableDebt: Returns the normalized variable debt for a reserve.

  • getReservesList: Returns the list of reserves.

  • getReserveAddressById: Returns the address of a reserve by its ID.

  • MAX_STABLE_RATE_BORROW_SIZE_PERCENT: Returns the maximum stable rate borrow size percentage.

  • BRIDGE_PROTOCOL_FEE: Returns the bridge protocol fee.

  • FLASHLOAN_PREMIUM_TOTAL: Returns the total flash loan premium.

  • FLASHLOAN_PREMIUM_TO_PROTOCOL: Returns the protocol's share of the flash loan premium.

  • MAX_NUMBER_RESERVES: Returns the maximum number of reserves.

  • getEModeCategoryData: Returns the data of an e-mode category.

  • getUserEMode: Returns the e-mode category of a user.

Supply Functions:

  • supply: Supplies assets to the pool.

  • supplyWithPermit: Supplies assets to the pool with a permit.

Withdraw Functions:

  • withdraw: Withdraws assets from the pool.

Borrow Functions:

  • borrow: Borrows assets from the pool.

  • repay: Repays borrowed assets.

  • repayWithPermit: Repays borrowed assets with a permit.

  • repayWithFmTokens: Repays borrowed assets using FM tokens.

  • swapBorrowRateMode: Swaps the borrow rate mode.

  • rebalanceStableBorrowRate: Rebalances the stable borrow rate.

  • setUserUseReserveAsCollateral: Sets a user's reserve as collateral.

  • liquidationCall: Executes a liquidation call.

Flash Loan Functions:

  • flashLoan: Executes a flash loan.

  • flashLoanSimple: Executes a simple flash loan.

Finalization Functions:

  • finalizeTransfer: Finalizes a transfer of assets.

Reserve Management Functions:

  • initReserve: Initializes a reserve.

  • dropReserve: Drops a reserve.

Emergency Functions:

  • rescueTokens: Rescues tokens from the contract


Pool Events (Inherited from Pool contract):

  • Supply: Emitted when assets are supplied to the pool.

  • Withdraw: Emitted when assets are withdrawn from the pool.

  • Borrow: Emitted when assets are borrowed from the pool.

  • Repay: Emitted when borrowed assets are repaid.

  • FlashLoan: Emitted when a flash loan is executed.

  • SwapBorrowRateMode: Emitted when the borrow rate mode is swapped.

  • RebalanceStableBorrowRate: Emitted when the stable borrow rate is rebalanced.

  • SetUserUseReserveAsCollateral: Emitted when a user sets a reserve as collateral.

  • LiquidationCall: Emitted when a liquidation call is executed.

  • ReserveDataUpdated: Emitted when reserve data is updated.

  • MintUnbacked: Emitted when unbacked assets are minted.

  • BackUnbacked: Emitted when unbacked assets are backed.

  • MintToTreasury: Emitted when assets are minted to the treasury.

  • InitializeReserve: Emitted when a reserve is initialized.

  • DropReserve: Emitted when a reserve is dropped.

  • SetReserveInterestRateStrategyAddress: Emitted when the interest rate strategy address for a reserve is set.

  • SetConfiguration: Emitted when the configuration of a reserve is set.

  • UpdateBridgeProtocolFee: Emitted when the bridge protocol fee is updated.

  • UpdateFlashloanPremiums: Emitted when flash loan premiums are updated.

  • ConfigureEModeCategory: Emitted when an e-mode category is configured.

  • SetUserEMode: Emitted when a user's e-mode category is set.

  • ResetIsolationModeTotalDebt: Emitted when the isolation mode total debt is reset.

  • RescueTokens: Emitted when tokens are rescued.

L2Pool Specific Events:

  • There are no additional events defined specifically in the L2Pool contract. It leverages the compact calldata representation to optimize the inherited functionalities from the Pool contract without adding new events.

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