Top Up FXD Position

You can use the Manage Position functionality to Top Up Position. This may be done to manage the position risk, or to borrow more FXD.

  • Go to Fathom DApp.

  • Connect your Web3 wallet (such as MetaMask) and make sure your network is set to the intended chain (i.e., XDC).

  • Opened positions are shown in "Your Positions". Click "Manage Position" on the position you want to top up.

  • Enter the amount of collateral you would like to add to position.

  • If you want to borrow more FXD - enter the amount of it.

    • You can also click "Safe Max" to borrow the maximum amount of FXD that can be considered relatively safe at the current moment.

    • Note that when you take out an FXD loan, during market volatility for your collateral assets, you should monitor the Safety Buffer because if it drops to 0 and lower, your position may be liquidated.

  • Click "Open this Position"

    • You may be required to approve the collateral transfer before the actual transfer (depending on the collateral type and previously approved value).

    • Sign and send the transaction in your Wallet.

    • Wait for the transaction to be processed.

    • Once the transaction has gone through, you'll see your adjusted FXD position in "Your Positions" on the same page below "Available Pools".

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